Exhibition Display System

POP-UP Display Wall              How to set up


POP-UP Display Wall is the best of the best. If you require a top of the range premium product – the POP-UP Exhibition Display System is for you!

POP-UP Display Walls provide maximum portability and instant branding presence where ever there is an opportunity of sales. Whether it be utilised as an exhibition stand, event backdrop or trade show display the POP-UP is a complete portable display solution out of a case.

POP-UP Display Wall utilises a FULL magnetic system – don’t be fooled by competitors that offer just the magnets on the graphics and state that it is a full magnetic display system. The Display Wall features magnet connections on not only the graphic panels, but on the graphic connector bars and also on the frame itself to lock in shape.

The full magnetic system saves you time that is all so valuable when setting up at a trade show or when at an exhibit, not to mention money and hassles as there are no clips to break off when connecting.

Assembly and dismantling POP-UP Display Walls are simple and straight forward due to the full magnetic system that BannerCity now offers. Simply expand the frame until the magnets lock in position then apply the connector bars to the frame with their magnetic ends. Graphic panels adhere to the aluminium frame with a clever magnet system to not only display your complete design as a whole, but also to align the panels perfectly with ease.

Graphics are printed in panels on High-Solution polypropylene, mounted onto premium PVC and finished with a durable matt laminate for added protection. Graphic panels and POP-UP hardware including halogen lights store neatly into a hard carry case with convenient wheels for ease of transit. This can also double as a promotion counter when the optional “case-to-counter” printed graphic wrap is applied.

Configure the POP-UP Display System to suit your requirements. They are available as curved display units and can be joined together to form a single display. They can be used as a double-sided display with graphic panels extending all around the unit, alternatively as a single sided convex or concave POP-UP display system.

Promotion Counter

The Promotion Counter is an extremely portable presentation table that is worth its weight in gold. Portable Creations Promotion Counter is light weight, extremely robust, spacious, and when combined with your individually designed graphic panel it creates a striking corporate presentation table.

Exhibition Display System
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